Jewel Ling Photography

After graduating high school, Jewel Ling wasted no time in getting her hands on her first digital camera, she began cultivating her aspirations of becoming a photographer at the age of eighteen. In two short years, she made a name for herself as a portrait photographer on the little island of Penang. She was interviewed and published by Malaysia’s largest english circulation newspaper, The Star. She was also published in Hello! Magazine as one of the up and coming female photographers and went on live television interview with Bella Weekend, a program with diverse mix of celebrity interviews and segments highlighting everyday woman with extraordinary stories and talents.Untitled-1 copy

She spent the following years working as a photographers assistant in order to polish her technical edge. It was another milestone for her when she was hired to work at Imagerom, a leading institution for professional photography. It wasn’t long before she chose to venture into working at an art studio with friends in order to further her own experimental photography which carried her distinctive touch.  6 years later, she has successfully established her own photography studio which is now an exclusive based platform for new age and influential photographers to conduct workshop. Her partners in the program includes Profoto and Shriro Malaysia.

On the 1st of October 2015, she was officiated as Ambassador for Hasselblad Malaysia.